• As soon as the rider is thrown from the motorcycle, the airbag inflates and protects rider’s neck, back, chest, sides and hip.
    • hit-air is rider’s wear containing shoulder, elbow and back padding (back padding is only for vests) and airbag system.
    • Shock-buffering protection system will be activated immediately after the distance from the rider to the motorcycle exceeds

        "activation distance", when the key ball is pulled out from the key box to release CO2 gas into the neck, back, chest, side and hip airbags for

       lessening the effect of impact on rider’s body.

    • Inflated air cushions are designed to come between the rider's body and objects against which the rider may strike after falling off or being

       thrown off the motorcycle. The hit-air will act as a buffer to absorb the shock of impact and reduce the risk of injury the rider who wears it.

       However, this does not imply or grantee rider's safety.

    • After the airbag is inflated in full, it leaks the gas slowly through the gas release valve and a feeling of tightness will subside gradually.